Double Glazing Repairs Bury

Replacement Double Glazed Units

double glazing repairs bury

Double glazed units are made using an aluminium frame containing silica beads sandwiched between two panes of glass and sealed with a polymer compound around the edges. Once the unit is sealed the silica beads remove all the moisture from inside the unit providing a moisture free environment.

Over time this polymer seal can deteriorate and let damp air leak into the double glazing unit itself. Any moist air entering will be absorbed until the silica beads become saturated and cannot retain any more water, at which point, the moisture will begin to appear as condensation.

It is not possible to repair the unit so the easiest and most affordable way of dealing with condensation is to replace the double glazed unit. We can also replace window hinges, handles or locking mechanisms.

If you have misted windows or condensation inside your double glazing call Premier Home Improvements for fast and affordable double glazing repairs in Bury.

Our affordable double glazing repairs service is available throughout the Bury and Greater Manchester areas including Summerseat, Ainsworth, Tottington, Brandlesholme, Walshaw, Walmersley, Greenmount, Whitefield, Prestwich, Stoneclough, Ringley and Radcliffe.

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